What is Artificial intelligence copywriting? (And how to use it)

Artificial intelligence is changing the way we think about content marketing and writing. AI copywriting is a way to automate some of the processes involved in creating and distributing website content. This can make it easier for businesses to write more engaging content that gets more traffic.

Here we discuss if a small business could benefit from AI copywriting tools and how far to go.

What Is AI Copywriting?

Artificial intelligence copywriting is a type of content writing that uses algorithms to generate original, plagiarism-free work.

It’s used when you need to write something that can’t be written by humans alone. For example, if you want to write a blog post about yoga and need more content than just one article, AI can help you create more articles without having to do all the work yourself.

You just have to tell the AI tool what kind of article you want and put in some instructions like “write about yoga” or “write about how yoga helps with anxiety.” The machine will then analyze similar preexisting content from around the web and process it into something new and plagiarism-free, giving you plenty of extra information for your blog post or short ad.

It allows businesses to save time and money by letting machines do the work instead of hiring writers or paying writers to write more content.

Companies can use it in many ways: they can use it as a supplement to their existing marketing efforts, or they can use it as a replacement for human-created copy.

The best part about AI copywriting is that it’s relatively cheap compared with hiring someone full-time, but it still provides high-quality results without sacrificing quality control over what gets published online.

Should You Use an AI Copywriting Tool?

If you’re a busy copywriter and marketer like me, you know how important it is to get things done quickly. Whether you’re working on a bulk project or just need some inspiration when you hit the dreaded “writer’s block,” AI copywriting tools can help.

Copywriting is a mixture of art and science. On one hand, you want to use words that resonate with your target audience. On the other hand, you want to make sure those words are being used in a way that is grammatically correct and conveys your message in the best possible way.

Copywriting AI tools can help with both of these aspects of copywriting.

First, using copywriting AI tools saves you time. You don’t have to manually create each piece of content from scratch — instead, you can use these tools to generate hundreds or even thousands of variations on existing pieces of content. This allows you to quickly find what works for your audience without having to spend hours or days doing it yourself.

Second, using copywriting AI tools allows you to easily create content in multiple languages. This is especially important if your target audience isn’t native English speakers or if your website isn’t in English itself — but even if it is, it can still be helpful because it allows you to quickly test different variations on the same piece of content so that you know which ones work best for each market segment.

The third reason is that using AI copywriting tools saves money. It’s expensive to hire a professional copywriter, especially if you’re just starting out and don’t have much capital. In fact, some companies spend upwards of $100,000 on their website copy alone! But if you’re willing to invest in an AI copywriting tool that costs $20-$120/month (or less), you’ll get much better results than hiring someone else.

Lastly, Copywriting AI programs can also help you test different versions of your marketing materials with real customers so you can see what works best before committing resources or spending money on paid ads. This helps you avoid wasting time and resources on ineffective campaigns.

Copywriting AI tools help with SEO

One of the main reasons to use an AI copywriting tool is that it can help improve your SEO. The tool will analyze your content and determine what search terms are most relevant to your site. Then, it will make recommendations on how you can modify your content to include those search terms.

The benefit here is that you don’t have to guess how people are searching for something and then try to fit those keywords into your content. The software does this for you.

This is especially helpful for companies that want to rank higher in Google searches but don’t have a large marketing budget or aren’t experts in SEO. With these services, you can get more traffic without having to pay someone else to do it for you.

When to Have a Human Step in

Copywriting AI tools are a great way to save time and money on your next copywriting project. You can use them for generating ideas, finding content, and even creating the final product.

However, there are some cons of using these tools that you should be aware of before committing to the process.

You may not always get what you want. Copywriting AI tools are designed to find certain types of content and write based on those parameters. You can sometimes get close to what you want or in some cases exactly what you want, but it’s not guaranteed that you’ll get it every time. In some cases, these tools may even provide content that’s completely unusable because it doesn’t fit what you’re looking for at all.

The results aren’t always original or unique. While they can produce unique results by providing suggestions based on keywords and phrases, those suggestions still come from other websites and articles rather than coming from scratch. This means that while they may be unique compared to other sites out there, they aren’t completely original either since they’re still using existing material as a base for their content creation process.

Lack of creativity – It’s often said that machines lack creativity because they follow set rules based on previous data points collected by humans.

The biggest problem with these tools is that they don’t know your business or audience well enough to write the right content for them. When you want to create a personalized experience for each customer, using a generic copy can create more confusion than help.

How to Use AI Copywriting in Your Business?

AI copywriting tools are a great way to get started. They can provide you with an excellent base to work from, but they’re not nearly as effective as human copywriters.

If you want to use AI copywriting tools, start by creating most of your article. After creating the content make sure a team member alters the content to add brand voice, case studies, high quality images and your personal touch.

If you have a small budget or just want something that will get the job done quickly, then AI copywriting tools will do just fine. But if you want something that is going to be more effective in terms of time and money then it’s best to hire a professional writer who knows what they are doing.


AI content is becoming a more and more useful tool for businesses to use. It can help them produce high-quality content that is more relevant to their audience, which can lead to greater engagement. AI copywriting also makes it easier for companies to create content quickly and efficiently without having to rely on human labor alone. The technology may still have some kinks that need ironing out, but as time goes on we expect this type of AI will only get better at writing great articles!

Now you know how to use it in your business.

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