Hello Everyone, Glad to meet YOU!!!

I am Ritu, born in India, and have been a digital nomad for the last 5 years. 

I am passionate about recruiting and mapping skills to requirements. I consult with many companies across the world and have learnt so much meeting the wonderful souls I have encountered on my journey. 

The Copy Writing Boutique is a result of how important, I have come to appreciate, the skill of communication is today. 

I have seen, through Adi’s work and my profession, how businesses explode once they get their content game right. 

Here is our collective learning. All for free to you our lovely readers. 

Adi and I have just started our blogging journey. We want to share our experiences with the world and create resources that endures generations to come. 

Along with this website we also run: 

https://saascritter.com – a website dedicated to business software, automation and skill development. 

http://thewhistlingoak.com – a website that documents actionable suggestions for our travels 🙂 

Do join our community. Adi and I are online everyday 🙂