Copywriting is More Closing Than Writing: Copywriting in 2023 and Beyond!

I still remember when I was researching climate change in 2010. I wanted to change the world. I had successfully finished my masters degree in Lancaster University in the UK and was about to submit my PhD application. That’s when I met Larry from the UKs Home Office. 

He had read my proposal and was going to vote against my candidature but thought he’d chat me up first. 

He found my writing very average but loved my ideas. He said. “Adi, I’m about

to tell you something that will change your life forever”. 

“It is a skill that very few people in the world understand and even fewer possess. It’ s a special skill that, once you master it, “you will never have to convince people to listen to you again”. 

He also said it would make me rich! “You will have the power to generate income on-demand or to launch or start or grow  any business or idea that you desire,” 

A naive 20 year old in me and I was excited. And I said, “Well, what is this skill?” And he said, “It is the skill of copywriting.” 

Fast forward 2011, we raised $200k to research biodiversity in Scotland and I started my first consulting company in Aberdeen. 

What is Copywriting? 

You’ve been lied to thus far. You DO NOT have to be good at writing. If that were so, all the professors, all the teachers, all the English teachers, would have been millionaires and successful copywriters. That’s not the key.

Copywriting is about closing in print. Copywriting is meant to inspire, engage and influence a very targeted group of people. 

You write a piece of content to lead to an action. This action is what earns you your living. It could be to purchase your product. It could be to click here or buy this or take this sort of action. 

Look everywhere. Every single letter that you get in the mail. Everything you see on TV, every single product you buy in your life right now is the result of copywriting. 

A copywriter came up with the concept, a brand, wote a wrote the message persuading you to take action (closing) 

Catch my drift? The movie that you watch, the script, the storytelling, the donation letter that’s asking you to donate money – single thing in your life, everywhere, is targeted (aimed at inspiring action) copy. 

Is copywriting a good career choice? 

Everyone wants to be a lawyer, doctor, engineer, accountant – do you see a multi trillion dollar industry slip right below your nose? 

Let’s say that there’s a company. They’re selling a product online and they have a landing page. Now, in case you don’t know what a landing page is, it’s a page that makes an offer to sell the products.

Let’s say they’re doing $100,000 a year in revenue with that particular product on this page, and let’s say that page is converting at 1%, meaning that, for every 100

visitors that go to the page, One person would buy. 

So 1% conversion. And let’s say, as a copywriter, you’re able to look at the page and you make some tweaks, you change the headline, you change the offer, you change the guarantee, maybe the call to action, you tweak the page a bit, and now, instead of converting at 1%, this page is converting now at 2%.

Now I want you to think about, comment below, what has just happened? What have you done as a copywriter?

Here’s what you’ve done. You’ve just doubled the revenue for this company, from $100,000 to $200,000, without adding an extra dollar for marketing!

Are they spending more money? No. Do they need more people seeing the page? No. Are you adding more things to the product, that it costs more, features? No. All you have done is change a few words on how the company is perceived at your message communicated in the marketplace. 

How to become a copywriter? 

You will first need to know the skills you need to become a good copywriter. You will then need to find a course or mentor to teach you the basic techniques and then you will practice these techniques. 

You will get feedback from your mentor or from your clients. Incorporate these, learn more and practice more! 

In time (i took 6 months) you will engrain this as a habit and can work from anywhere, choose your own clients and niche down to topics you really love writing about. 

What are my employment opportunities as a copywriter? 

Copywriting is a crucial part of marketing and advertising. It’s what makes or breaks a company’s success. Copywriters are able to write engaging, persuasive, and informative content that attracts customers and keeps them coming back for more.

Here are 10 industries that we foresee exponential growth in 2023 and beyond. These industries are specifically going to need the best copywriters to stay relevant and beat the competition that’s coming their way. 


Now you know the truth! Go get your piece of the pie. 

Copywriting is not about mindlessly churning out content. Copywriting is not about following a brief and completing a project. 

Copywriting is about inspiring. Copywriting is about getting the action you want out of an audience you have understood and defined! 

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