7 Ways Your Business Benefits from Having a Blog in 2022

7 Ways Your Business Benefits from Having a Blog in 2022

Blogging is a low-risk, high-reward endeavor. Not only does it give you a chance to gain search engine authority and traffic for your website, but it also allows you to offer valuable information that boosts audience engagement and trust in your brand identity.

In the words of Joe Pulizzi, Founder, Content Marketing Institute, “A business blog is important because it is the optimal choice for your content marketing hub. In today’s content-driven world, while you may view yourself as a marketer, you’re really a publisher. You have to provide relevant content for your prospects, customers and the public, who spend over 10 hours a day consuming media.”

Oh! And did I mention that blogging can help you generate revenue? It’s true! If you’re not convinced yet, let me tell you more about the benefits of blogging for business.

Establishing your voice

Establishing your voice is important in any blog, but it’s especially crucial if you’re writing for a business. The best way to establish your tone and style is by writing about topics that interest you. If you’re passionate about something—for example, baseball—then write about baseball!

If you’re running a bakery, write about baking techniques and products. Write recipes and talk about new ingredients. Be consistent in what type of content you share on the blog so that readers know what they can expect when they visit (e.g., don’t suddenly start posting videos).

Also be consistent in how much time it takes for new posts to appear on the site; if people are used to visiting once per day then stick with that schedule as much as possible unless there’s some kind of emergency situation or other reason why things might change up suddenly (like holidays).

Increasing your brand’s visibility

Your blog can be an excellent way to build your brand’s visibility, especially if you have a specific target market. If you’re a home decorating blogger, for example, then it won’t make much sense for your content to be focused on parenting tips or financial advice. Instead, focus on what makes your brand special: what are the various aspects of home decorating that interest you? How do they affect both interior design and outdoor living? What products do people need in order to achieve the beautiful space that they want in their homes?

While there’s no guarantee that blogging will increase visibility for every business owner out there (or even most), it can be an effective strategy if done correctly. By creating engaging content with high-quality images and captivating layout that keeps readers coming back again and again—and also avoids being overly self-promotional—the right audience will find its way to your site.

Keeping your audience engaged

Engagement is a key factor in any relationship. The more you engage with your audience, the more they will want to engage with you and your content. Engagement doesn’t just happen when someone comments on something; it also happens when someone shares your posts on social media or emails it to their friends.

Engaging with your audience involves listening to them as well as sharing stories and information that is relevant to them. This can be done through surveys, polls, and other forms of feedback mechanisms (such as comment sections). You should also share updates about what is happening in the company or industry so that people are aware of new products/services being offered by yours or competitors that might interest their readership.

Driving organic traffic to your website

Blogs are a great way to get people to your website. People will find you through the search engines, and they’ll read your blog post that shares information related to what they’re looking for. They’ll be impressed with how much knowledge you have on the subject, and when they realize that you can solve their problem (or help them with whatever issue they’re dealing with), they’ll click through to your website in order to learn more about what it is that you do.

Creating an engaging blog isn’t easy work; however, once it’s set up properly and has been around for some time (like our own Linked In Marketing Blog), it becomes an invaluable asset not only from a branding perspective but also from an SEO standpoint as well.

Building credibility and trust with your audience

Blogging can help you build trust, credibility and connections with your audience. If you’re posting regularly on a blog, readers will see that you’re knowledgeable about the subject. They’ll also see that you care about what they have to say (or at least listen) because of how often you reply to comments.

It’s important not just for customers but anyone who is interested in what your company has to offer, including potential employees! You want the people who are supporting your business or working for it to feel like they belong there—and blogging makes this happen by providing an outlet where they can discuss their experiences with others in similar situations. This helps build rapport among coworkers and builds loyalty from customers because it shows that there are people behind the scenes who care about them as individuals instead of just numbers on paper!

Boosting your social media presence

It’s not uncommon for blog posts to be shared on social media, but this should be something you’re aware of before you publish a post. When someone clicks the “Share” button on your blog, they’ll be able to choose from any of their social media accounts—and if your brand doesn’t have an account on one or more platforms, it won’t appear as an option for them. Additionally, if no one is following your brand’s page on these platforms (which may happen if it hasn’t been around long enough), then the share will go straight to Twitter or Facebook without appearing anywhere else first.

This means that sharing posts directly from your blog can help increase your audience by increasing visibility and credibility and trust among potential customers who might otherwise never have found out about you—but only if they know where they can find information about what’s going on in relation to everything else going through their newsfeeds!

Blogging will grow your business.

If you are a business owner or someone who wants to grow their business, blogging can be a great way to do it. Here are some ways blogging will help your business:

  • Help you build your brand. You can use your blog as a place to share information about the products and services that you provide, how they work and how they benefit customers. Blogging allows people who visit your website or social media pages to get inside information about what makes you different from other businesses in the industry. This helps them understand why they should choose you over another company offering similar services, which in turn helps build trust between yourself and potential customers.
  • Help grow audience engagement with content that speaks directly to their interests — this leads directly into number 3 on this list!
  • Establish credibility within the industry by providing useful information that solves problems other people have when using certain products/services; also learn more about competitors’ offerings so that if necessary (or even better), there’s something unique & valuable being offered exclusively through one source only – YOURSELF!!


Hopefully, we have convinced you that having a business blog is worth the time and effort. Not only can it increase your brand’s visibility and credibility, it can also establish trust with your audience and boost organic traffic to your site. There’s no doubt that blogging takes work, but the payoff is well worth it in terms of the growth opportunities for your business.

Don’t forget, writing a blog post is only one of many digital marketing strategies out there. But whether you choose to focus on social media marketing, email marketing or content creation, maintaining a consistent presence across all platforms will be sure to help grow your business for years to come!

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