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10 Reasons to Never Outsource Your Copywriting in 2023!

Outsourced copywriting can be a tempting solution to your small business. But it’s not for everyone. There are many benefits to doing it yourself, but there are also some drawbacks that you may not have considered. Here’s our list of the top ten reasons why you should never outsource your copywriting.

Outsourcing your copywriting will take you out of the control zone.

Not only can you not control the process, but you will also be at the mercy of your outsourced copywriter. The quality of their work depends on their ability to understand and interpret your needs, so if they don’t get it right, then you’re out of luck.

You won’t have any control over the final product either. Yes, your outsourced copywriter might give it a good shot—but even if he or she does everything in his/her power to ensure that the final product meets your expectations; what if there are mistakes that slip through? Or what if errors are introduced due to poor communication? Again: no control here unless you go ahead and make sure that everything is perfect before any payment is made (which means paying for extra time) – which defeats the whole purpose of outsourcing!

Outsourcing will never give you that feeling of elation that you feel when something you’ve written goes viral.

The feeling of elation when you see your content go viral is something that every writer should experience. It’s like a drug that can make you feel on top of the world, and it’s addictive!

There’s nothing quite like seeing your blog article go viral. The hits come in like waves, and you watch as people share it on social media and comment on it. You know that it’s because of all your hard work, and not just because some marketing firm wrote the words for you.

Outsourcing will never get you on the front page of Google for your website, and it won’t get you to number one either.

Google is the most important search engine in the world, and it’s also the most used one. Around 90% of all internet searches are conducted through Google. When you outsource your copywriting, you lose control of how people find your content.

If someone searches for something on Google, they will be presented with a list of results based on their search query, including links to websites that have been optimized for this specific keyword or phrase. If you don’t optimize your own website properly (i.e., write top-notch content), you won’t rank as highly as possible on Google’s SERPs (search engine result pages).

Outsourcing distances the customer from your business.

As a business owner, you want your customers to know who they’re buying from. You want them to feel like they’re part of the process, and that their needs are being met by a team who cares about them.

Outsourcing your copywriting can have some serious drawbacks—especially when it comes to creating that personal connection between customers and brands. 

First off, because outsourced copywriters don’t know much about your business or products, this can lead to embarrassing mistakes: misspellings, vague or unclear descriptions of products and services, awkward sentence structure… You get it.

Another problem with outsourcing is that even if an outsourced writer does do good work for you initially (which is rare), it’s likely he’ll move on after a short period of time because most freelancers are bouncing from client-to-client as quickly as possible in order to make ends meet while their own businesses flounder due to lack of experience or direction.

Outsourced copywriting is rarely unique or even fresh.

If you’re not a copywriter by trade, it can be tempting to outsource your writing. You may think that it’s easier – and cheaper – to hire an agency or freelancer to write your copy for you. But there are many reasons why this is not the best decision for any business owner:

Outsourced copywriting rarely stays fresh and interesting. Copywriters who don’t live and breathe your brand can sometimes lose sight of what makes your company unique over time, resulting in lackluster writing that doesn’t resonate with readers.

Outsourced copywriting lacks the strong voice of an expert. When there isn’t someone on staff at your company who knows everything about who you are as an organization, how do you expect them to write copy that reflects that knowledge? A good writer will bring their own perspective into each piece they create; but if they aren’t familiar enough with who YOU are and what YOU do, then what’s stopping them from writing something generic instead?

You can always depend on outsourced copywriters, even if they are not dependable.

One of the most appealing reasons to outsource your copywriting is that you can always depend on outsourced copywriters, even if they are not dependable.

Outsourced copywriters are not always available when you need them and they are not always reliable. Sometimes they will get sick or call in sick, or perhaps even quit before their assignment is completed. When this happens, it’s important that your company has someone who can step in and take over where the last writer left off so that business continues as usual without interruption. The best way to make sure that this happens is by outsourcing some of your writing responsibilities to another agency or freelancer who specializes in writing for startups (or other businesses), small businesses, entrepreneurs and other entrepreneurs like us at Copywriterly!

Once you go down the road of outsourcing, it’s hard to stop.

The second of the ten reasons to never outsource your copywriting is that once you go down this road, it’s hard to stop.

The temptation is there as soon as you hire an outsourced writer: “Why don’t I try this or that service next?” If you do, then pretty soon your business will be filled with non-customers who aren’t loyal to you at all. And if they’re not loyal to YOU…then why would they be loyal to anyone else in our company? They won’t! And then–and this is really important–all those people who were working so hard on all those projects and tasks start leaving us for other jobs because they know they can make more money doing something else somewhere else.

It’s not just outsourcing that creates problems when it comes time for dealing with employees: It’s also how many times we take them away from their real jobs because we’ve decided something needs fixing right now before everyone goes home tonight (even though it probably doesn’t).

Your outsourced copywriter may not be as good as he or she claims to be.

It’s important to remember that your outsourced copywriter may not be as good as he or she claims to be. While it’s true that a great deal of what we do is subjective, there are also some objective measures by which we can judge each other’s work:

  • Poor grammar and spelling mistakes can make an otherwise perfectly acceptable piece of writing look amateurish and unprofessional.
  • If the copywriter isn’t speaking in your voice, your readers will feel like they’re reading someone else’s words. This can make them lose trust in you or become confused about who they should be trusting and relying on for advice and guidance.

What happens when your outsourced copywriter gets sick or falls victim to an online scam?

If you decide to outsource your copywriting, you need to be aware that there is no one to call on if your outsourced copywriter gets sick or falls victim to an online scam.

You may also lose customers if the quality of your content drops off during this crucial time. And what happens when you find yourself suddenly needing a new writer? Do you have someone in mind who can fill in quickly and efficiently?

Sometimes outsourcing creates unexpected problems.

Outsourcing to a writer in a different country can seem like a good idea, but there are some unexpected problems that can arise when you do.

For example, you might not realize that it’s harder for them to comprehend your company or product because they don’t understand the context. The same goes for jargon and other terms that are specific to your industry or culture.

Additionally, using an outsourced copywriter means you get what you pay for. If you’re outsourcing on a budget, then it’s likely that your writer isn’t going to be able to produce high-quality work without investing more time than they’d normally have to spend on the project.

Outsourcing also means that you don’t get as much control over what happens with your content once it’s written, which can lead to issues down the road if something goes wrong with how it was produced or published on your website.

Keep control by writing your own copy

The biggest advantage of writing your own copy is that you will have more control over your content, your brand and the quality of your website. You will also be able to control how well it performs in search engines and how it engages customers on social media.

If you outsource your copywriting, then some other person or business entity will be responsible for creating the content that appears on your site. This could lead to an inconsistent look-and-feel throughout the site (which may be fine if this is what you want), but it also means that there is an outside party involved who may not have as much interest in building up the long-term success of the website as much as their own personal interests – which can mean:

  • They may use cheap and easy techniques for ranking high in search engines rather than investing time and money into making sure good quality content gets created;
  • They may focus exclusively on creative writing skills rather than technical ones such as keyword research and link building strategies;
  • They may try to sell products/services that they personally stand behind rather than those which are most likely going to create value for both parties involved (meaning they might push things like PPC advertising instead).


In the end, there’s nothing wrong with hiring a copywriter. In fact, it can be a great way to get access to an expert writer who knows what they’re doing. However, unless you have no other choice (and we really hope that isn’t the case), you should always write your own copy when you can. It will help your business grow, and it will give you a new skill that could come in handy for any number of reasons in the future.

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